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1. What is Recreational Soccer?
Rec soccer is less competitive than Academy or Travel/Select soccer. Rec soccer requires a lesser amount of time and financial commitment from the parents and players. It involves one practices per week and one game per weekend. Rec soccer is designed to be fun while still learning about the game of soccer and gaining player development.

2. What is Soccer SideKicks?
SideKicks is a enrichment program for young children aged 2 to 4. This is a fun engaging program that allows children to play soccer in a relaxed and safe environment. Our coaches are child experts and soccer professionals who work with children of this age all day every day.

3 Why do they not play Games/Scrimmages in Soccer SideKicks.
Because this program is aimed at technical development. We create a non competitive environment that works on developing your child’s motor skills and ball control. Furthermore, the children are aged 2 through 4. Its far too scary & daunting for them to be in a game situation with goals, refs and field perimeters.

4. What age groups does Rec soccer apply to?

Rec is from U5 to U15.

5. Are the genders split?

All rec soccer league age groups are Coed.

6. How do I know which age group my son/daughter is in?
Check on the registration page, each program is split by age.

7. Is Academy soccer that different from Recreational soccer?
Yes. Expectations for the players in Academy soccer are much higher. There will be two to three 1  or 1 & a½ hour practices per week and one or two games per weekend. In Recreational soccer, players are placed on a team on a first-come, first-served basis, regardless of ability level. Academy players are selected at tryouts on ability.

8. When are Tryouts? 
There are no tryouts for Rec soccer. It’s first come first serve till our age groups are filled. If you’d like to tryout for Academy and Select, head to our Tryouts tab to find out more information.

9. What is the commitment length?
The Rec players are registered through Georgia Soccer to play for their club for one season. The soccer year is split into two seasons. The Fall Season, which runs from August to late November/early December and the Spring Season, which runs from March to May.

10. How many teams are there in each age group?
It varies between age groups, based on the registration numbers.

11. What are the team levels in each age group?

There are no levels in Rec soccer.

12. How are games scheduled in Rec soccer and how many weekends does the season cover?

The Rec soccer season is a 10-week season, with a week break for holidays (easter in spring – fall break in fall). All teams will have weekly in-house weekend games. Players play on different teams each week, that way they get to play with and against all the children in their group & participate and enjoy various positions.

13. How many players on a team?
We like to try to have small sided scrimmages, 3v3, 4v4, 5v5. U10s and up will play 6v6 or 7v7.

14. Why Small Sided scrimmages? I watched soccer once on TV and they play 11v11.
Small sided allows players to improve by getting more touches on the ball and playing quicker due to small field space. See link for why small sided soccer? SMALL SIDED

15. How much playing time will my son/daughter get?
The guideline is equal playing time for every player, regardless of skill level and age group or gender.

16. Are players expected to attend every practice and every game?
Yes. If a player cannot make a practice or a game, the coach must be notified with as much advance notice as possible. Whilst it is expected that a player will be at each practice and game, it is accepted that sickness and special occasions may mean a player misses an occasional practice or game.

16. What nights and times are practices?
Refer to schedule and registration page.

17. Where do the teams practice?
Practices are held at North Floyd Park. Across from Armuchee H.S and The Church at NorthSide just off Martha Berry Blvd. Location HERE

18. Are there written codes of conduct for players and parents?

Yes. NGU has codes of conduct for players and parents. You will open and initial your acceptance to these rules during online registration.

19. What are the fees?
Go to registrations to find the breakdown of our program fees. If registering early, during Early Bird registration, you’ll receive a $15 discount. If you register after our regular registration period ends, you’ll pay a $10 late fee on top of regular registration amount.

20. When will Teams be formed and when will we be contacted?
Rosters take into account many different factors, including but not limited to, friend requests, conflict days, and field schedules. Because so many factors are involved, team formations require many hours of work. You will be informed of your group the weekend before we start. At the first practice, you must arrive early for check in so we can assign you to your coach and field area.

Soccer SideKicks League: Tue: 5:30-6:15pm
Rec Intro Soccer League: Wed 5:30-6:30pm & Fri Games: 5:30-6:30pm
Rec PLUS+ Soccer League: Tue: 5:30-6:30pm & Sat Games: 10:00am
Pre Academy, Academy, Travel: See schedules in menu

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